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Welcome to the Gilianplants presale. We are starting 1st November 2023, the first plants can again be ordered ahead for the new spring! This way you can be sure to get your plants!

In this category we offer plants that are on pre-sale. These plants have yet to arrive or are germinating. In the description we indicate the estimated delivery time for each plant. We deliver only the right size or quality plants. This can sometimes take a little longer. With this category we can give you an insight what is coming up in our stock. This also ensures you are one of the first to get this plant and! Some are very special and sell out quickly.  We will give you the best price for these plants. You will be kept informed for delivery on email or watsapp.

Please note, we will not ship orders with these pre-order plants until the plants arrive. Also, orders with plants in stock will not go out until these plants are available. So it is best to place these plants as an order separate from the plants already in stock if you don’t want to wait long. We have two deliveries scheduled for 2024. early May 2024 and mid-June 2024. Check the descriptions for the expected delivery time. This is a forecast and can always change unfortunately.

Pre-sale spring

Musa textilis Borneo


Pre-sale spring

Musa balbisiana gigantea


Banana plants

Musa da jiao


Pre-sale spring

Musa coccinea


Pre-sale spring

musa cheesmanii


Pre-sale spring

Musa chunii


Pre-sale spring

Musa nagensium

Out of stock

Pre-sale spring

Musa Thai Black