Araucaria muelleri – king Araucaria


Araucaria muelleri – King Araucaria

This Araucaria muelleri is an critically endangered conifer because Habitat loss. Gilian Plants experience is with this spieces is positive for Europe. This conifer grows well as containerplant in Europe. In Europe is the best way to keep them in a container when it is a small plant. Mature plants can reach a size of 25 meters ! The leaves are slender green. The cones with very big seeds are large and full of viable seeds. Don’t wait to long with sowing of this seeds. Old seeds don’t germinate and lose their viability. An ornamental evergreen conifer. In cultivation it is very rare.

We are expert in germinating special rare Araucaria seeds. Every year has Gilian Plants new spieces in some bulk wholesale quantities.

– price is for one 2 years old plant.

  • Plant location: full sun
  • Plant care: medium
  • Watering: keep young plants more dry.
  • Cold hardy: -7
  • Land of orgin: New Caledonia

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