Musa basjoo medium size


Musa Basjoo – Japanese  cold hardy fiber banana

A populair frost hardy spieces from China. Tissue Culture is the one way only to propgate this spieces. This spieces can’t be sown. The fruits don’t produce any seeds or aren’t fertile. The name fiber banana tree comes from de lot of fibers in the stem of this plant. This spieces is one of the strongest spieces in the Musaceae family in frost hardiness. This plants can survive frosts with protection. The plants pseudostems comes easily back in the spring in your tropical garden. The plant are from this spieces is easy. Gilian Plants protect the Musa basjoo by frost minus -5 with mulch and with old leaves rondom the stem. The best way is to cut the main stem back till 1 meter.

We are expert in germinating special rare Musa and Ensete seeds. Gilian Plants does everything by them self so they can provide you the real deal. Every year has Gilian Plants new spieces in some bulk wholesale quantities.

 all bananas without protection are not frost hardy

  • Plant location: shadow / half shadow
  • Plant care: easy
  • Watering: much water
  • Cold hardy: yes with protection mulch rondom the stem
  • Land of orgin: China

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