Syagrus santosii


Syagrus santosii – ornamental river Syagrus

This Syagrus santosii can reach a maximum heigh of 7 meters tall. There is only one population with this plants at the Jequitinhonha river. This palm tree makes long flower stalks with big seeds. The mature are very beautifull. This rare palmtree is not cold hardy. It is an perfect container plant in Europe. In Europe is this spieces so far very rare and hard to find in cultivation.


We are expert in germinating special rare Butia and Syagrus seeds. Gilian Plants has own import from Brasil with own collectors in habitat there. So Gilian Plants provide you the real deal. Every year has Gilian Plants new spieces in some bulk wholesale quantities.

– price is for one seedling.

  • Plant location: full sun
  • Plant care: easy
  • Watering: keep young plants more dry.
  • Cold hardy: no, 5 degrees
  • Land of orgin: Brasil

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