Allagoptera brevicalyx


Allagoptera brevicalyxSandy Atlantic dwarf Allagoptera

This Allagoptera brevicalyx is one of the most colorfullest in the family Allagoptera. This dwarf palmtree has a extremely silver waxy color on the curly leaves. This spieces will be clump over the years and getting quite large at the base of the plant. Adult brevicalyx trees are more easier to identify compared with Allagoptera arenaria. Brevicalyx become more upright growth when they are older. The plants in habitat growing 40 kilometers away from the Atlantic coast in Bahia, Brazil. They growing in white sandy area. The seed pods are more loaded with seeds compared with another Allagoptera arenaria and Allagoptera leucocalyx. This dwarf palm tree is cold hardy and almost unknown in cultivation.

We are expert in germinating special rare Butia and Syagrus seeds. Gilian Plants has own import from Brasil with own collectors in habitat there. So Gilian Plants provide you the real deal. Every year has Gilian Plants new spieces in some bulk wholesale quantities.

– price is for one seedling.

  • Plant location: full sun
  • Plant care: easy
  • Watering: keep young plants more dry.
  • Cold hardy:  -10
  • Land of orgin: Brasil

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