Johannesteijsmannia altifrons


Johannesteijsmannia altifrons – Diamond joey palm

This Johannesteijsmannia altifroms is not cold hardy fan palm. In Europe is the best way to keep them in a container when it is a small plant. Mature plant leaves can reach a size of 90 centimeters ! The leaves are slender green. The seeds are round and looks like eggs. An ornamental tropical palm tree for in-house or greenhouse. Mature plants are rarely seen in cultivation. An spectacular palmtree for your collection.

We are expert in germinating special rare johannesteijsmannia seeds. Gilian Plants has own import from Thailand with own collectors in habitat there. So Gilian Plants provide you the real deal. Every year has Gilian Plants new spieces in some bulk wholesale quantities.

– price is for one seedling. Delivery in april-mai when it have one leave.

  • Plant location: full sun
  • Plant care: easy
  • Watering: keep young plants more dry.
  • Cold hardy: no
  • Land of orgin: Thailand

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